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Welcome to Stories in the Cloud!

Your service can be used to play stories, jokes, poetry, riddles, music, history, library updates and more. If you can record it, we can play it for your patrons.



There are a few sources available for content. You can record your own, using any computer and sound recording software. We recommend a quality external microphone, which will produce sound significantly better than a built-in microphone or headset. Any $25 podcast microphone on Amazon will work just fine. You can also select from thousands of recorded titles at LibriVox. We also have a library of copyright free content available. See the "Copyright" section below for more details.

The basic structure of the phone system is as follows:

  • File 1- Main greeting recording - this is the first message patrons hear when they call your number. For example "Welcome to the ABC County Library Dial-a-Story, sponsored by the friends of the library -  visit our branch every Tuesday for Story time"

  • File 2 - Menu recording - this audio file lists all of the different options available to callers. You can offer up to 99 at any given time. For example "to hear library updates press 1. To hear Jack and The Beanstalk, press 2. To hear a science fact, press 3, to hear Little Red Hen, press 4, etc"

  • Story/Content files - each of the options listed in the menu above would be recorded as a separate audio file, in either mp3, m4a, or wav format. If you are selecting some titles from librivox, you would simply download the mp3 file from that site.

Click on the following link for a suggested menu:



Once you have all of your recordings, you will upload them to our portal. Here is the log-in information:

  • Below is a manual that describes the features of the portal. Be sure to read all of the important notes on the last page. Remember, when you upload a file, it will be live on the phone number after 10 minutes.

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