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​Fair use generally allows for recording of your current titles since it is not being used for commercial purposes. The ALA has a great article on this and their general consensus is that this is covered by fair use as well - see this article  -   ​ Canadian Libraries see this article: CFLA Issues Guidance for Canadian Libraries on Copyright and Online Storytimes - news ( Publishers have also made special agreements to allow recordings during the pandemic and you can track those agreements in this document: Some libraries take the extra step and reach out to publishers for permission to read their titles and they are always happy to allow. The titles available on Librivox are all public domain, so there are no copyright concerns. ​ We also have a library of stories and other content that are copyright free  - you can browse the entire collection here. Check back often because new recordings are added all the time.

Marketing your Stories in the Cloud Service is Important! People will call - but they need to know the number! The success of the service is dependent on the variety of content that you offer, along with how well you market it. Our libraries offer stories, jokes, riddles, songs, library news, guest speakers and more. They market it in branch, on social media, to local elementary schools, nursing homes, etc. Local TV/Newspapers love stories about Dial-A-Story, so be sure to contact them to run a piece once you have everything set up. If you check out our facebook page, you will see how dozens of our libraries are marketing their service - Be sure to add your new Dial-A-Story number to the "about" section of your Facebook page One of the most effective ways to get the word out is to contact your local medial. They love running stories about new community programs. See the links below for Canva templates you can use to market the service on your social media. Just add your library name and Stories in the Cloud Number. Then, download the file and share with your patrons! ​

Template 1 (every day use)

Template 2 (every day use)

Template 3 (every day use)

Template 4 (every day use)

Template 5 (Halloween)

Template 6 (Halloween)

Template 7 (Halloween)

Template 8 (American Indian Heritage Month - November)

Template 9 (Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

Template 10 (Christmas)

Template 11 (Santa)

Template 12 (Hannukah)

Template 13 (Kwanza)

Template 14 (Fall)

Template 15 (Fall)

Template 16 (Winter)

Template 17 (Valentine's Day)

Template 18 (Thanksgiving)

Template 19 (every day use)

Template 20 (Valentine's Day)

Template 21 (Autumn)

Template 22 (every day use)

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