Stories in the Cloud - Marketing

Effective Marketing Means More Calls

Social Media

People Are Watching!

Use the power of your social media to let your followers know about your Dial-A-Story service. Every like and share means more people will learn about the service and give it a try!

Image by Glen Carrie
Live Interview

Local Media

Local Interest Stories Always Needed

Your local newspaper, TV and other media are always looking for stories to run about services that benefit the community. Reach out to the media to have them run a story on their website, social media and even the evening news.

Here is one example of a local story that generated a ton of interest for a library's Dial-A-Story

Marketing Materials

Make it Visual

See how one of our libraries are promoting their Dial-A-Story service using flyers, magnets and other materials. Share them at the check-out desk, at local events, and in your mailers.