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Think outside the box!

You have a great Dial-a-Story service, now what?

It's time to think about your service in a whole new way. Check out some of the creative ways libraries are using Stories in the Cloud:

- Offer full length adult titles - local nursing homes love to call the service on speaker phone and play it for their residents

- Reach out to local elementary schools. With many schools offering remote learning, teachers are incorporating Dial-a-Story into their curriculum

- Feature guest readers every month. Reach out to the mayor, police chief and other local "celebrities" to read a story for your patrons

-Market your Dial-a-Story everywhere! Website, Facebook, Twitter and in your branch

-Create a treasure hunt! Have one of your readers say a secret word at the end of one of their stories. Anyone who finds the word and brings it to a librarian gets a prize.

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