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Give patrons a choice and make your content available by phone. Stories, poetry, science facts, jokes, summer reading program, library information and more. All available on a local phone number. No hardware or software needed.

With Stories in the Cloud, your library can offer a custom private label Dial-A-Story Service. No hardware or software to purchase. No tapes, CDs or answering machines. 

With a new dedicated local phone number, you record your own stories, or choose from hundreds of pre-recorded classics. There is no limit on the number of callers or how long they can listen. You can offer 100 different recordings at any given time, change them as often as you want with no limit on length.  You can expand your reach by offering content in multiple languages as well as content for adults and patrons that are part of your talking book program.

Why Dial-A-Story? Despite modern smart phones and streaming technology, 30% of Americans lack reliable internet access. 

Dial-a-story is a service that allows people to call a phone number and listen to a pre-recorded story. This service has several benefits, including:

1. Promoting literacy: Dial-a-story can help promote literacy by providing access to stories for people who may not have access to books or other reading materials. It can also encourage children to develop an interest in reading by exposing them to different types of stories.

2. Convenience: Dial-a-story is a convenient way for people to access stories without having to leave their homes or go to a library. It can be especially helpful for people who have mobility issues or live in rural areas where access to libraries may be limited.

3. Entertainment: Dial-a-story can provide entertainment for people of all ages. It can be a fun way for families to spend time together, and it can also provide a source of entertainment for people who are homebound or have limited social interaction.

In addition to these benefits, dial-a-story can also be used as a tool for promoting specific messages or themes. For example, libraries may use dial-a-story to promote their services or to encourage people to participate in reading programs.

How to setup Dial-A-Story:

1. Contact us for pricing, with affordable rates as low as $400/year for rural libraries. Never any setup fees!

2. Reserve your local or toll-free number

3. Upload your stories, poetry, history, science facts and other recordings

4. Let your patrons know so they can dial in and listen any time!

You receive monthly usage statistics, marketing materials and a studio quality microphone for your recordings. You can customize the phone menu to offer up to 99 different recordings at a time, so the possibilities are endless. 

New Features Coming Soon! - Patrons will be able to call your Dial-A-Story and be connected directly to your library. Patrons will also be able to call and record a story or other audio content.  The recordings will be emailed to you so you can feature them on the service.

Servicing Libraries, Schools, and Story Telling Guilds in:

Happy Little Girl

Allison, 5

I love calling Dial-A-Story and listening to a bedtime story every night

Boy's Portrait

Abel, 7

"My librarian told me about Dial-A-Story but I had no idea I could also call in and listen to a few jokes!"

Old and Young

Mildred, 78

My grandmother has poor vision so we call Dial-A-Story anytime she is in the mood for some poetry 

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