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Stories in the Cloud

With our innovative technology, we provide libraries with a custom, private label "Dial-A-Story" service. We combine a dedicated local number with our cloud technology to provide your patrons with a Dial-A-Story service that works from any phone.  No internet or data plans needed.

Your Dial-A-Story service can play children's stories and full length adult novels for those with vision difficulties. You can offer jokes, riddles, even music and songs. You can also use the service to promote upcoming library events so everyone is in the know.

Ever wondered how to set up a dial a story? Well now you can do it with just one click. Contact us to set up your library's dial a story today!

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Our Innovative Technology

The Possibilities Are Endless

With Stories in the Cloud, your library can offer a custom private label Dial-A-Story Service. No hardware or software to purchase. No tapes, CDs or answering machines. Just your stories, in our cloud.

Your library gets a dedicated local number, custom greeting and your choice of hundreds of stories. Record your own stories, or choose from hundreds of pre-recorded classics. Since the service is cloud based, there is no limit on how many people can call at once or how long they can listen.

Why Dial-A-Story? Despite modern smart phones and streaming technology, 30% of Americans lack reliable internet access. Offering a Dial-A-Story service, which works from any phone, connects your unconnected members with valuable  content.

Listen to how some of our libraries are using Stories in the Cloud to bring content to their patrons

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